kellie jean reiki master

Kellie Jean Lewis is a Reiki Master who focuses on the chakra system. Her varied and unique training allows her to combine modalities and to address the client not only on a physical level but on an energetic and spiritual level, as well.

In 2001 Kellie Jean started extensively documenting her work and over a five year span studied nearly 100 clients and their ongoing sessions of Reiki and crystal energy work. This helped her to understand how the chakra system influences us on a physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and energetic level.

Kellie Jean’s mission is to bring people back into balance and help them restore their natural healing abilities.

This work can help heal:

Stress, anxiety and depression
Injuries (including broken bones and concussions)
Trauma from car accidents, surgery, physical abuse and sexual abuse, etc…
Migraine headaches
Digestive issues
Energy stagnation in the body

kellie jean